By: Nadia Santiago, Digital Media Specialist & Lifestyle Blogger

I can honestly say that being the Social Media Coordinator for NCFS (now RISE) 2017 was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. I had four main responsibilities:

  1. Recruit a team of volunteers interested in learning how to create engaging social media posts.
  2. Assign channels and create goals for each on a daily basis.
  3. Create and facilitate creation of posts that engage attendees.
  4. Make RISE look so awesome fitpros not in attendance felt like they were missing out.

Recruitment & Planning

I recruited volunteers by reaching out to the RISE Community Facebook Group and other private industry Facebook Groups, including but not limited to Certified Group Fitness Instructors, Bay Area Yoga Teachers, and Precision Nutrition Certification Students and Grads.Most of the team met before the conference on a video conference call via Google Hangouts. It was made up of myself and seven fit pro volunteers: Steph Haddad, Cheri Bell, Tazz Tucker, David Richey, Leann Dickinson, April Gomez, and Rachael Takesaka. I had them choose the channels they wanted to work on based on a) their experience using the channel and b) their desire to learn and gain practice on new ones. I firmly believe that this sense of curiosity is what made it so much fun for us all to work together.Before the end of the meeting, we made a game plan for meeting up on Day 1 of the conference. Then, it was game time!Social StrategyHere’s a brief overview of the strategy for each channel.FacebookOur main strategy for the RISE Fanpage was to Live Stream the first few minutes of each talk and post 1-2 photos of each speaker. We also sought to collect quick testimonial videos at the end of the presentations, documenting the attendees’ thoughts and reactions.Click here to view reactions from Khaled’s presentation.Click here to view one attendee’s thoughts on Dr. Carrie Rose’s presentation.Our goal for RISE NATION, the private community Facebook Group, was to create engagement among the attendees. While we did livestream and post presenter photos on the channel, our main focus was on meeting attendees, tagging them, asking questions, and providing tidbits of knowledge from each presentation.The result: It got the ball rolling.Attendees began taking selfies with one another, posting their to-do lists for the weekend, sharing their favorite quotes and friending one another. Even those who attended the event in the past dropped in to say hello!InstagramOur primary focus for Instagram was to capture photos of vendors for Instagram Stories and take 1-2 photos of each each speaker or event for the feed. We also live-streamed the first few minutes of each talk along with thoughts from our social media team. The most challenging part of managing our Instagram feed was maintaining strong photo quality across devices and ensuring that each volunteer remembered the golden rules of insta: tag speakers and use event hashtags #norcalfitnesssummit #ncfs. If there is anything I want to improve on for next time, it’s making sure that we have high resolution photos and a standard for filters.Click on the photo to check out the NCFS/RISE Instagram feed.

TwitterResults are what people pay for. The experience is what people stay for.” David PittsBecause I’m a quote junkie, Twitter was by far my favorite feed to post on and revisit. In most instances, a quick line of characters was all we needed to pass on knowledge bombs dropped by our amazing presenters. Since RISE/NCFS didn’t have it’s own feed at the time of the 2017 event, we posted on Khaled’s personal feed.Click here to head over to Khaled ElMasri’s Twitter Feed. SnapChat & PeriscopeSince most of Khaled’s and RISE’s followers were on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, SnapChat and Periscope were low priority platforms. However, I wanted the reach to be as broad as possible. I’ll be the first to admit that I still don’t understand SnapChat. Thankfully, a few members of the team were avid users of the platform. I trusted them to manage it. We also dropped Periscope after day 1. There was no traction. Plus, the feed automatically posted to Twitter. Since we already had someone working that angle, I made the executive decision to double up on other platforms.Thoughts About Leading a TeamIn the past, I would have never considered the possibility of managing any sort of team. I surprised myself by settling into the role with authority and ease. And I’m excited to say that our efforts were a HUGE success. Throughout the entire weekend, Khaled received calls and text messages from friends, colleagues, and loved ones who were wondering “What the heck is going on!?”Our goals were to create engagement and gain attention from the community. We did it! The best part was knowing that my team would go home and apply what they learned about social media to their own businesses. I’m proud of each and every one of them!



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