** yes, I cut my hair! ** and here I have shaved face. ** hair is still short, but facial hair is back 😉

💥Trainer & Nutrition Coach💥
I hate trash on ground & not re-racking DBs🤬
Everyone should adopt kids👶

💥Fit & Nutrition Coaching Expert: David Richey💥
David is passionate about helping people change their bodies and change their lives. He has coached over a hundred people who are either starting or restarting on their fitness journey and he has developed an incredible network with the best in the fitness and nutrition industry field. The valuable information he has at his disposal is now available to you! In addition to serving as the Creator of Rich Exercise: The Richey Lifestyle, he is also been recognized by his clients as not only a trainer, but as a life changing coach and long-lasting friend. .
David has been working on his own personal fitness and nutrition for 18 years with 11 years of fitness industry experience while also attaining:
Dual Associates of Science degree in Natural and Biological Sciences
Bachelors of Science in Exercise Biology from UcDavis
Nasm certified trainer and corrective exercise specialist
Certification from Precision Nutrition.

Online and Mobile Services:

*** Calendly Coaching Calls. Schedule your calls here!

*** Online and Mobile Personal Training powered by Trainerize.

*** Precision Nutrition Online Pro Coach Get started today

** See what other clients have said about their results here! **

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