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This disclosure is for

Protecting The Richey Lifestyle

This site is meant for you to access and read blogs I have read, or reviewed and believe the content is valuable. It is also for those new to The Richey Lifestyle to sign up for services provided. Nothing that is published is meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Neither the author of an article, The Richey Lifestyle, or David Richey knows anything about your specific circumstances. You should always consult with your doctor before doing anything that someone on the Internet suggests.

FTC Disclosure

To my clients: It is important to me to have full disclosure and be transparent with you. I want you to enjoy browsing this site, and know how you are helping out.

In our conversations and on this site I may recommend products, and with those recommendations I often make a commission on referred sales. This commission is to help fund my personal business.

The only products or companies I will ever recommend are ones that I trust and ones that I believe will be valuable to you. So you can be happy knowing that these are awesome products and companies.

I will never recommend anything or anyone that I don’t believe in. I will not recommend something to you unless I fully back it.

The future success of the site and of my personal business starts and ends with me. I will not recommend something to you solely for a commission.

Thank your interest in The Richey Lifestyle.

To you and your future goals,

David Richey



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