** For the time being most client photos have been omitted to protect their identities. **

Don’t just take my word for it hear from past and current Rich Exercise The Richey Lifestyle members!


David is a positive mentor who provides regular check ins on progress, and professional direction on your exercise program. If you persevere you will see steady improvement in stamina, better balance and greater strength each week. I am amazed with my progress, six months in and going strong.


I was surprised how the little things that I learned became powerful tools that I used often. David is very good at listening and observing, and he uses his expertise to make subtle tweaks that lead to large gains. I am grateful to work with him.


ProCoach has become a must-have tool for my journey! Not just for my fitness goals and healthy lifestyle, but for my overall well-being! ProCoach has helped me step into the life I’ve always dreamt of living and it continues to help me grow and be a reliable source in my life!


David does a great job of understanding your goals and designing a program to meet those goals. He has a wide range of knowledge and encourages a really positive approach to getting fit.


Plenty of expert advice at your fingertips — whenever you want it. Great for staying on track keeping a focus on your health goals.


Devon ProCoach Results

Actual weight loss and girth progress from using ProCoach

Brian, Ed.D

After years of procrastinating about following a regular exercise regimen I signed on with David Richey as a personal trainer and coach. Literally for the first time in my life I feel motivated to take charge of my physical and mental health.  David knows how to create the right exercise and nutrition routines that address my goals. He is great motivator both in the gym and through daily texts that keep me motivated and often amused😊


Working with David has helped me improve my back situation, reducing the need for a chiropractor. David has also helped me realize the importance of proper nutrition to help reach workout goals.

LeahPersonal Trainer who I coach on business and program development   

I’ve really enjoyed working with David because he helps me get to the root of my goals and find the best way to progress towards them. He helps inspire me to accomplish the things I’ve been too scared to do and gives me the confidence to try new things. While working with David I have learned so much about training, and I feel so much better prepared for a career in health and fitness.


half dome - shannon(1)

If you’d have said to me three years ago someday I’d hike half dome, I’d have told you you were nuts-mentally and physically, I was just way too out of shape. Last weekend (July 18th, 2017), with 5 other people-3 of which were perfect strangers, I did it.  Great trainers like you give people like me confidence by pushing us out of our comfort zones and by setting great examples challenging yourselves to go beyond yours as well.


With Dave’s coaching, I was able to maintain a healthy and manageable work out regime for the past 2 years! I never felt stronger.

KCKC ProCoach Results

Actual lean muscle and girth progress from using ProCoach


David Richey – me

I even went through the ProCoach software myself & lost 7lbs. of fat while gaining nearly 5 inches in total girth.

Actual weight loss and photo progress from ProCoach

David Richey - weight

David Richey - front




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